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Peoples for Human Rights

IMADR’s journal, Peoples for Human Rights, is aimed at raising awareness, sparking debate, and expanding networks among international audiences – especially activists, academics/researchers and policymakers. Peoples for Human Rights tackles the themes of racism, racial discrimination and multiple discrimination from a range of viewpoints, both theoretical and practical, with contributions from around the world.

13 Contemporary Forms Of Racial Discrimination

Reflections of Our Times
Racial discrimination is not new, yet it is manifested in various forms based on different contexts that change from time to time, and place to place. This is a compilation of the latest information from human rights experts, researchers and movement leaders, all of whom have long been associated with IMADR and are well placed to observe the changes with our times.

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12 Minority Women Rise Up

A Collaborative Survey on Ainu, Buraku and Korean Women in Japan

This book focuses on the issue of multiple discrimination against minority women in Japan. It provides an introduction to Japan’s minorities, and explains the process that led to the minority women coming together to create a survey, and the results gleaned from it. It also includes recommendations made to the Japanese government and civil society.

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11 The Struggle For Human Rights and Peace in Sri Lanka

Though published in early 2009, right before the forced termination of the war in Sri Lanka, this book is still relevant to the current situation of the country. Many camps for internally displaced people (IDPs) remain, where people are facing a humanitarian crisis. Researchers and NGO activists contributed to the on-the-ground reports in this volume.

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10 Human Trafficking And Racism

Exploring the Links between Marginalization and Exploitative Migration
Exploitative migration takes place in connection with marginalization. Those subject to marginalization usually belong to minority communities. This book explores into this old yet on-going issue from different perspectives. Edited and published in December 2006 by IMADR.

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9 Descent – Based Discrimination

250 million worldwide oppressed under caste and analogous systems of inherited status

Racial discrimination based on descent is a challenge for all human beings. Two and a half million people throughout the world continually suffer from this form of discrimination. This is a compilation of reports and theses contributed by those working towards the elimination of discrimination based on descent at different levels, including at the UN, and as individual experts or civil society activists. Though published in 2004, almost nothing has changed regarding the facts and data contained in this book.

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