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UN: Civil society urges Human Rights Council to ensure gender parity

Date : 2017.04.27

GQUAL Letter to HRC CG_27April2017

IMADR joined the GQUAL Campaign and other civil society organisations around the world in encouraging the 2017 Consultative Group of the Human Rights Council to adopt “Guidelines on Gender Parity” for the selection process of special mandate holders.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) reported that, as of December 2016, women represented 41 percent of mandate holders. Yet, according to the GQUAL campaign, 20 out of the 56 current thematic and country mandates have never been held by a woman as of April 2017, including those on torture, freedom of expression, racial discrimination, and the right to health.

Read the full text of the joint letter here pdficon_small

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