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Sri Lanka: Election-related violence documented with women’s group

Date : 2015.08.17

Sri Lanka election_(c) Sri Lanka BriefTogether with Women’s Political Academy Sri Lanka (WPASL) default_external link, an initiative in improving capacity of women politicians/ aspirants in the country, IMADR Asia Committee default_external link has closely observed and documented election-related violence in the run up to the parliamentary election on Aug 17, 2015.

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Electoral violence involves use of power with an intent to harm, damage persons or property in the electoral process. Forms of violence is designed to coerce participation or change vote choices, eliminate candidates, disrupt the process or negate votes in certain locations, seek retribution for political support or votes cast. Victims of electoral violence include candidates, journalists, election officials, observers, activists and others. In the reports, various forms of election violence such as assaults, damage properties, arson, threats, abductions, bribery, murder, shooting, breach of election laws, and misuse of state resources are documented. These violence are recorded from 29th June to 14th August 2015.

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