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Sri Lanka: Good governance and corruption are frequently used words now

Date : 2015.02.11

On 4th February 2015, a group of civil society organisations and individuals co-signed “Civil Society Statement on Human Rights” pdficon_small. On the same day, Dr. Nimalka Fernando, President of IMADR, spoke the need of the new government to take prompt actions in 100-days for a fair and just nation.

“Good governance and corruption are words we frequently hear now. On January 8, we saw the dawn of a new era. However there needs to be some debate on this 100-day programme. We have always stayed with the people and activists. Today we will be launching our pledges and would like to urge the government to incorporate them within this 100-day battle for a better nation. We saw militarisation and a surveillance culture during the war era and the Rajapaksa regime. We want to put an end to this. We saw how public resources, property and assets were being abused. There is a huge problem in the field of justice. We need to move forward and correct the places where they have gone wrong. Politicians might resort to other methods but they should try to abide by them and implement them.”

For other comments of human rights defenders, visit: Daily Mirror, “Role of Civil Society Organisations in good governance”  default_external link

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