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Nepal: Post-Earthquake recovery and rehabilitation for the most vulnerable

Date : 2016.05.09

Two Nepal_FEDO_Earthquake Relief_April2015-March 2014earthquakes in Nepal on 25th April and 12th May 2015 caused a significant number of casualties. The death toll amounted about  9,000 people while over 22,000 people were left injured and 860,000 people lost their housing. Immediately after the Earthquakes, IMADR supported Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) in Nepal to conduct relief and rehabilitation activities for vulnerable communities including Dalits, widows and single women, people living with disabilities and children. FEDO reached thousands of victims in 8 districts.

Read the FEDO report:“Post-Earthquake Recovery and Rehabilitation (April 2015 – March 2016)”  pdficon_small.

FEDO provided the following support to affected communities and individuals.

  1. Distribution Emergency Relief Support
  2. Construction of temporary shelter
  3. Dalit Women Group mobilization in Income generating activities.
  4. An interaction program among local government agency, stakeholders and community people
  5. Regular lobby with Non/government agencies stakeholders
  6. Leadership Training to Dalit Women
  7. Blanket distribution in Dolakha district
  8. Construction and maintenance of gender friendly toilets at government school
  9. Stationary and school dress support to ultra-poor and obedient Dalit students
  10. Field Visit Monitoring and Assessment
  11. A day interaction program on Gender Responsive Disaster Management with Policy Makers and Civil Society organization
  12. Vocational training to the earthquake victim Dalit girls

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