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Japan: Silencing the voices of Okinawans

Date : 2017.02.03

Together with All Okinawa Council for Human Rights, IMADR released a report “Silencing the voices of Okinawans”, which illustrates the systematic violation of freedom of expressions in Okinawa.

The report addresses the following issues:

  1. The accelerating oppression on the protest activity;
  2. Riot police officer’s “Dojin” remark incident;
  3. Mainland media’s biased coverage of Okinawa;
  4. Issues related to human rights remedy system;
  5. The legal basis for a Yellow Line at the gates of U.S. military bases and its arbitrary application; and
  6. List of violence, detention and arrests in Henoko and Takae, Okinawa (2014-2017).

Download the full report here pdficon_small

Japanese version pdficon_small


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