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Civil Society Proposals – Towards a strengthened UN treaty body system

Date : 2019.10.23

In the lead up to the UN General Assembly’s review of the human rights treaty body system in 2020, civil society organisations from different parts of the world made joint proposals to strengthen the system. The proposals illustrate a model of the reporting procedures with the introduction of a fixed calender which are accessible to rights holders, responsive to victims of human rights violations, and ensure that all governments uphold their treaty obligations. TB-Net (NGO Network on UN Treaty Bodies), which IMADR is a member, held a series of consultations with civil society organisations from the national, regional and international levels to lead the development of the proposals.

Download the proposals here  

Over 40 civil society organisations, including TB-Net, joined the call to urge States to fulfil their obligations set out in General Assembly resolution 68/268 and provide adequate funding to the treaty bodies for the full and effective deliberation of their mandates.

Download the call here

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